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Contra Costa Pilates Center offers:

  • Private and Semi-Private instruction
  • Personalized workouts for each individual
  • Fun and energetic atmosphere
  • Fully supervised workouts
  • Hard-working & motivated environment
  • Certified Pilates instruction for Golf

Pilates has become quite trendy in recent years. But in fact, has been around for over 80 years. Developed by Joseph Pilates, this method of exercise has long been embraced by dancers, physical therapists and other body-conscious professionals. Its graceful, almost balletic motions are executed on a “Reformer”, “Cadillac ”,”Wunda chair” and other Pilates equipment. Although Pilates can be performed without equipment, utilizing these pieces with their adjustable spring resistance, can offer a larger variety of exercises for a more defined workout.

The gentle, non-jarring motions of Pilates makes it one of the safest workouts and is perfect as a daily exercise program. Because this technique emphasizes fluid movements rather than short contractions, muscles become more defined but not overdeveloped, resulting in strong, lean muscles while increasing flexibility. The “Reformer” aligns and supports the back and neck. Most of the exercises are non-impact and non weight-bearing, allowing you to be gentle to your body while receiving a challenging workout.

A gentle workout for the injured, or an intense workout for the athlete, an individually tailored programs in the Pilates Method can bring about the body you’ve been looking for.

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“After years of back pain, Pilates has enabled me to reach new levels in my golf game and remain injury-free!”

-Bill Houghton - 6x Mens Golf Champion – Diablo Country Club

“Lisa is great! With her extensive ballet career backing up her Pilates training, we applaud the work she has done with our dancers.”

-Zola Dishong – Co-Director of the “Contra Costa Ballet Center”

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